SHARES Research Technology to be Featured as Use Case in MCBK North America Conference 2024

The SHARES Clinical Decision Support (CDS) technology stack, currently under rapid development by the SHARES technology team, will take center stage this February as an exemplar use case in a presentation on how discrete CDS capabilities can be widely disseminated using using automated methods and open standards, as implemented by the Skycapp distribution platform. This specialized demonstration will be presented at the Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) North America Conference on February 28-29, 2024.

The Essence of the Collaboration: ๐ŸŒ SHARES, technologically characterized by its emphasis on advancing substance use health record sharing through novel methods and open standards, employs HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and CDS Hooks (Clinical Decision Support Hooks) to implement patient-driven health data privacy controls. Skycapp, recognizing the academic value and practical significance of SHARES’ research, is incorporating the Open Source technological framework to demonstrate how mass dissemination of complex, real world, standards-based CDS capabilities can be radically improved by fully automated application distribution and autowiring methods.

RSVP and Engage: ๐Ÿ“š MCBK is an open community established by the University of Michigan Department of Learning Health Sciences, who is providing for free attendance to remote participants. Register at no charge, here:

The presentation incorporating early builds of the in-flight SHARES technology stack will be delivered by Skycapp. To participate in MCBK working group meetings on such topics, contact the MCBK Trust & Policy co-chairs.

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