Software Catalog

The following table lists SHARES’ notable Open Source software and technical resources, and where to find them. Third-party system dependencies (such as HAPI FHIR) are not listed.

ItemDescriptionLanguage & FrameworkSource CodeBuild StatusImage RepositorySandbox URL
Patient PortalA patient-facing web UI proof of concept demonstrating how patients may directly manage their health data sharing preferences via SHARES’ simplified health information categories. It aims to distill down the most common perspectives into easy-to-use web controls. TypeScript, Angular, BootstrapGitHubDroneCIDocker Hub
Provider PortalA provider-facing web UI proof of concept for organization-wide management of FHIR Consent documents established by respective patients. It aims to support SHARES’ category-based approach to information exchange consent while supporting the power of FHIR R5/R6 to the greatest extent possible. TypeScript, Angular, BootstrapGitHubDroneCIDocker Hub
Rules ManagerA web UI for management of the configuration file used by the CDS Engine. May be run independently, or used to load and save directly from a running instance of the CDS Engine.TypeScript, Angular, BootstrapGitHubDroneCIDocker Hub
CDS EngineOur server-side software implementing consent-based security labeling and information redaction functions. This is the heart of the SHARES architecture. It requires an R5/R6-compliant FHIR resource server (such as HAPI FHIR) and may be used out of band with the SHARES-provided web UIs.TypeScript, NodeGitHubDroneCIDocker Hub
Core LibraryCommon shared code library used by other components. It is pre-packaged and distributed for reuse via NPMjs as ‘@asushares/core’, and is not a runnable application.TypeScriptGitHubN/A – Published NPMjs listing at:
Stack ControllerDeployment configuration files for running the entire SHARES software stack on your own computer or cloud environment. All SHARES components are pre-built into OCI/Docker images compatible with all cloud IaaS providers, orchestration platform (such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, Azure AKS, GCP etc), and any combination of x64 and arm64 hardware.Angular, Bootstrap,
Docker, Kubernetes
GitHubDroneCIDocker Hub
UML DiagramsTechnical Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams used in SHARES documentation.PlantUMLGitHubDroneCIDocker Hub

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