SHARES Research

Shares Research

Improve the sharing of medical records

Enhance both the quality of SUD care delivery and patient outcomes by leveraging novel, automated data segmentation methods for more effective, patient-centered data sharing.

Sensitive Data Categories

Physicians’ Perspectives on Sensitive Data Categories

Sensitive Medications

Ingredient-based Medication Code Sets

Electronic Consents

FHIR Executable Consents

Data Sharing Segmentation

Physicians Mental Models for Categorizing Data

Our mission

Improve SUD Care Through Data Sharing

The SHARES study aims to improve care for individuals with SUD by enhancing the sharing of medical records between patients and providers. It seeks to balance patient privacy and data access needs through automated data segmentation methods, interdisciplinary research, and stakeholder engagement.

Physicians’ Perspectives on HL7 Information Policy Sensitive Value Set: A Validation Study through Health Concept Categorization

Maheswari Eluru, BDS, Daniel Mendoza, BS, Audrey Wong, BS, Mohammad Jafari, PhD, Patricia Bayless MD, Darwyn Chern, MD, Christina Eldredge, MD, PhD, Rodrigo Fonseca MD, Pedro Franco Fuquen MD, Juan Esteban Garcia-Robledo, MD, Benjamin Grant Gifford, DO, Rhea Hans MD, Eider F Moreno-Cortes, MD, Ajay Perumbeti, MD, Fabio Samir Vargas-Cely, MD, Lin Zhao, MD, Maria Adela Grando, PhD

Anton Voronov BS, Mohammad Jafari, PhD, Lin Zhao, MD, Qixuan Hong BS, John Pope, MD MPH, Darwyn Chern, MD, Megan Lipman, BS, Adela Grando, PhD 

A Knowledge-Driven, Generalizable, and Automatic Method To Create Medication Code Sets: Opioid and Antidepressant Use Cases

Daniel Mendoza, Isca Amanda, BS, Darwyn Chern, MD, Maria Adela Grando, PhD, FAMIA

Understanding the Impact of Contextual EHR Data on Physicians’ Perspectives on Sensitive Health Data

Hannah Kaufman, BS, Ipsha Banerjee, MS, Shafaq Siddiqui, BS, Adela, Grando, PhD, FAMIA

A Scoping Review of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Substance Use Disorder Measures

Oliver Ethan Goal, PharmD, MS, Isca Amanda, MS

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